The Kid Laroi - Biography, age, net worth, career

The Kid Laroi - Biograpgy, age, net worth, career

The Kid Laroi - An Australian Hip-Hop Prodigy

The Kid Laroi, a prodigious talent in the realm of Australian hip-hop, graced this world on August 16, 2003. Bursting onto the music scene with resounding tracks such as "Blessings," "Disconnect," and "Moving," his meteoric rise to stardom is a testament to his unparalleled skill and creativity. Collaborating alongside eminent rappers Juice WRLD and Tkay Maidza, The Kid Laroi swiftly amassed over 10,000 subscribers on his personal YouTube channel. Notably, he etched his mark in the industry by recording his debut EP, '14 With A Dream,' at the tender age of 14.

The Kid Laroi's  Age 2023

The Kid Laroi - Biograpgy, age, net worth, career

The Kid Laroi, an embodiment of youthful talent and ambition, hails from Australia. Born on August 16, 2003, he has swiftly ascended the ranks to become one of the eminent figures in the rap landscape. His extraordinary achievements mark him not just as a successful rapper but as one of the richest personalities in Australia, solidifying his place among the most prominent in the genre. At merely 20 years old, he stands as a luminary figure in our cultural tapestry.

A Glimpse into The Kid Laroi's Profile

The Kid Laroi - Biograpgy, age, net worth, career

Full Name: The Kid Laroi

Occupation: Rapper

Age: 20 years old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Date of Birth: August 16, 2003

Place of Birth: Australia

Country: Australia

The Kid Laroi's Net Worth

Delving into his financial prowess, The Kid Laroi's estimated net worth ranges between $1-5 million, according to reputable sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDb. Earning his fortune through his prowess in the rap domain, his influence and wealth are testimony to his exceptional talent and success at a remarkably young age.

The Kid Laroi’s Net Worth: $1-5 Million

Estimated Net Worth in 2020: $1-$3 million

Previous Year’s Net Worth (2019): Under Review

Annual Salary: Under Review

Primary Income Source: Rapper (profession)

Net Worth Verification Status: Not Verified

Insight into Age, Height & Body Measurements

Presently at 15 years old, The Kid Laroi's height and weight remain undisclosed. His full body measurements, along with dress and shoe sizes, are yet to be unveiled.

The Enigmatic Love Life of The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi - Biograpgy, age, net worth, career

Maintaining a veil of privacy around his personal life, The Kid Laroi refrains from sharing details regarding his romantic relationships. However, the public remains captivated, eager for any glimpse into his past relationships or potential flings. While the details of his marital status and any history of divorce remain under wraps, speculation often ensues about his relationship status due to public appearances with various individuals.

Embarking on a Flourishing Career: The Kid Laroi's Journey in the World of Music

At a remarkably tender age of 11, The Kid Laroi began immersing himself in the art of rap, pouring his soul into notebooks brimming with lyrics. His path to stardom gradually unfolded when a Facebook friend graciously offered him access to a studio, enabling Laroi to birth his musical creations. With humble beginnings, his freestyle videos slowly captivated a growing audience, marking the inception of his ascent in the music industry.

The turning point arrived in 2018 when The Kid Laroi emerged as a finalist in the esteemed Triple J Unearthed competition. The trajectory of his career catapulted when he crossed paths with the illustrious rapper Juice Wrld during the latter's tour in Australia. Not only did Laroi open for Juice Wrld but also had the privilege to share the stage with him, an experience that significantly shaped his musical journey. Under Juice Wrld's guidance, Laroi was introduced to the intricate realm of professional rap music.

In 2019, a pivotal chapter in Laroi's career unfolded as he inked a significant contract with Columbia Records and Grade A Productions. This pivotal move further amplified his reach and solidified his growing prominence. The release of his single "Let Her Go" served as a catalyst in cementing his foothold within the music industry.

The subsequent year, 2020, proved to be a defining phase for The Kid Laroi. Collaborating with prominent figures such as Lil Tecca in the track "Diva" and, most notably, reuniting with his mentor Juice Wrld for the release of "Go" marked an extraordinary milestone. The latter single emerged as a breakout success, elevating Laroi's career to new heights.

The essence of The Kid Laroi's music lies in his life experiences and emotions, serving as the wellspring for his poignant compositions. For instance, his track 'Tell Me Why' emerged as a tribute to Juice Wrld following the latter's passing. Furthermore, his mixtape 'Fck Love' stemmed from a personal romantic encounter that left an indelible impact on him. His songwriting, laden with raw passion emblematic of teenage emotion, captivates audiences with its bold, fast-paced compositions and irresistibly catchy hooks. Notably, 'F*ck Love' earned nominations for Best Male Artist and Breakthrough Artist, a testament to Laroi's burgeoning influence and impact within the industry.


Q1: Who is The Kid Laroi, and how old is he?

A1: The Kid Laroi is an Australian hip-hop artist born on August 16, 2003. He is currently 15 years old.

Q2: What are The Kid Laroi's notable achievements in the music industry?

A2: His notable achievements include collaborations with renowned rappers like Juice Wrld and Tkay Maidza, amassing over 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and recording his debut EP, '14 With A Dream,' at the age of 14.

Q3: What is The Kid Laroi's estimated net worth?

A3: While his net worth is approximated to range between $1-5 million, specific details about his financial status, such as his annual salary and precise net worth, remain undisclosed or under review.

Q4: Can you provide insight into The Kid Laroi's personal life and relationships?

A4: The Kid Laroi maintains a level of privacy around his personal life, especially regarding romantic relationships. Details about his past relationships or current status are not publicly disclosed.

Q5: What major musical collaborations has The Kid Laroi been a part of?

A5: Laroi has collaborated with artists like Lil Tecca in the single "Diva" and notably reunited with his mentor, Juice Wrld, for the track "Go," which turned out to be a breakout success in his career.

Q6: What influences The Kid Laroi's songwriting?

A6: His songs often stem from real-life experiences and emotions. For instance, 'Tell Me Why' was inspired by Juice Wrld's passing, and his mixtape 'F*ck Love' was created following a personal romantic experience that deeply affected him.

Q7: What recognition has The Kid Laroi's music received?

A7: His mixtape 'F*ck Love' earned nominations for Best Male Artist and Breakthrough Artist, underscoring the impact and resonance of his music within the industry.

Q8: What platforms does The Kid Laroi use for his social media presence?

A8: The Kid Laroi has a significant presence on Instagram, boasting 50,000 followers. Here, he shares aspects of his lifestyle and offers glimpses into his studio endeavors, connecting intimately with his audience.


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