Unveiling Ariana Grande's Response to the Ethan Slater Crisis Orchestrated by Scooter Braun

Unveiling Ariana Grande's Response to the Ethan Slater Crisis Orchestrated by Scooter Braun

In the whirlwind of events surrounding manager Scooter Braun and his notable clients such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, there has been a cascade of rumours and speculations. The focal point of this unfolding narrative revolves around Braun's response to the crisis involving Ethan Slater and its aftermath. PuckNews has presented an in-depth report that sheds light on this situation, delving into the whys and hows that have perplexed many.

A Shift in Roles and Priorities

One of the core aspects that have emerged from the recent reports is the transformation in Scooter Braun's role. As the CEO of HYBE America, his role as a manager has been gradually overshadowed. This shift has implications, particularly for artists like Ariana Grande. Notably, Braun's increasing commitments have led to a situation where he could not allocate his full attention to pressing matters such as the media frenzy surrounding Ariana's connection with Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater.

Grande's Plight and Braun's Absence

The narrative takes a pivotal turn when examining Ariana Grande's situation. Amidst the turmoil caused by Ethan Slater's divorce from his long-term partner, Lilly Jay, and Ariana's own separation from Dalton Gomez, Scooter Braun's absence becomes a glaring concern. It's reported that Braun chose to remain on vacation rather than extend support to Ariana's team as they navigated the media scrutiny and tabloid coverage surrounding her relationship.

Lilly Jay's Perspective

Lilly Jay, Ethan Slater's former partner, has voiced her thoughts on the matter. She emphasized that the real focus should be on Ariana herself, portraying her as not conforming to the stereotypical "girl's girl" image. Lilly Jay mourned the negative impact this situation had on her family, marking it as collateral damage in the broader narrative.

Press Backlash and Social Media Storm

The week in question was harsh for Ariana Grande, with media outlets and fans drawing parallels between her dating history and her song "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored." This backlash highlighted the intricate connections between her personal life and her artistry, which, in turn, intensified the scrutiny she faced.

Braun's Unexpected Response

Matthew Belloni, a key figure in the narrative, shared insights into Scooter Braun's response—or lack thereof. Despite being known for skillfully managing artists through scandals, Braun chose not to intervene in this situation. Even when Ariana's team requested his presence in New York to manage the crisis, Braun's surprising response was, "I deserve a vacation."

The Underlying Dynamics

Sources close to Ariana disclosed that her decision to part ways with Braun wasn't a sudden development. This choice had been brewing over time and was a well-thought-out move on her part. Although she is still under contract with Braun, her legal team is exploring ways for her to proceed without his managerial involvement.

Transitioning to a New Chapter

Insiders explained Ariana's decision to transition to new management. The shift signifies growth and the pursuit of a different direction for her career. While contractual obligations necessitate negotiations, the driving force behind this change is Ariana's desire for something fresh and innovative.

A Recurring Narrative

This isn't the first time Scooter Braun and Ariana Grande's dynamic has come under scrutiny. A source revealed in 2019 that Ariana had previously fired Braun in 2016 due to his tendency to intrude into her personal life and affairs.

Braun's Side of the Story

In 2018, Braun shed light on his previous fallout with Ariana. He revealed that he had chosen not to engage in a public feud, despite pressure from his team. Instead, he believed that actions would speak louder than words. His insight into Ariana's evolving perspective and their candid conversation underscored the complexities of their relationship.

The saga involving Scooter Braun, Ariana Grande, and the crisis surrounding Ethan Slater has unveiled the intricate dance between personal and professional lives in the world of celebrities. As Ariana steps into a new era of her career, the story serves as a reminder that even in the midst of controversies, growth and change remain constant.


What prompted Ariana Grande's decision to part ways with Scooter Braun? Ariana's decision was a culmination of various factors, including Braun's changing roles and her desire for a fresh direction in her career.

How did the media react to the situation involving Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater? Media outlets and fans drew connections between Ariana's personal life and her music, leading to heightened scrutiny.

What role did Lilly Jay play in this narrative? Lilly Jay, Ethan Slater's former partner, highlighted Ariana's centrality in the story and expressed the impact on her own family.

What was Scooter Braun's response to the crisis? Braun's unexpected choice to prioritize his vacation over intervening surprised many, including Ariana's team.

What insights does this situation offer about celebrity dynamics? The situation showcases the delicate balance between personal lives and public personas for celebrities, emphasizing growth and change.

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