Taurus horoscope weekly 2023


WEEK OF July 10 - 1 8, 2023

Igniting Passion and Romance: Taurus Weekly Horoscope

As summer heats up, a spark of new love has the potential to ignite into a blazing fire within a heartbeat. Starting this Monday, July 10, the passionate planet Mars returns to Virgo, gracing your amorous and glamorous fifth house for the first time in two years. Until August 27, your personal heat index will soar as Mars motivates you to reignite or initiate those intense feelings of desire. During this period, you'll find yourself passionately elevating various aspects of your life, from your wardrobe to your home decor, in a quest to enhance the lust quotient. This article explores how Taurus can harness the influence of Mars to embrace passion, pursue romance, and infuse life with excitement.

Embracing Directness in Romance

As a tradition-loving sign, Taurus appreciates sweet, old-fashioned courtship rituals and the thrill of being pursued. However, it's important not to assume that your potential love interests are mind readers. Instead of leaving them guessing, tap into Mars' direct approach and communicate your interests and desires openly. Asking for what you want is much simpler and more effective than playing guessing games. By embracing directness, you can create deeper connections and build stronger foundations for lasting relationships.

 Reviving Your Love Life as a Single Taurus

For single Bulls, it's time to dive back into the dating scene and leverage the power of dating apps and social activities to meet someone who shares your idea of a good time. With Mars in your dramatic fifth house, this is the perfect opportunity to update your profile pictures and schedule a fierce photo shoot. Let the magic of a makeover enhance your confidence and attract potential partners who are captivated by your allure. Furthermore, this astrological cycle holds the potential for significant personal achievements and even a taste of fame. Whether it's auditions, competitions, self-promotion, or working on your creative projects, don't hold back. Seize the moment and showcase your talents.

Deepening Connection for Couples

Couples should make a conscious effort to dress up and engage in cultural activities, concerts, and shared hobbies. By nurturing the romance and infusing excitement into your relationship, you can strengthen the bond and reignite the passion between you and your partner. The fifth house, associated with fertility, indicates a favourable time for those considering starting a family. If you and your partner have discussed having children, now is the green light to explore this new chapter together. Even if parenting is not on your immediate agenda, embracing the playful energy of the fifth house and spending quality time with your children can create cherished memories and deepen your connection as a family.

Creating an Inspiring Home Environment

On Tuesday, messenger Mercury joins Venus in Leo, activating your domestic fourth house. From now until July 28, this celestial alignment encourages you to establish your version of a "velvet rope" policy, prioritizing quality time with your innermost circle. Channeling the energies of beauty and expression, you have the opportunity to transform your living space into a sanctuary. Trust your tasteful instincts as you consider home improvement projects such as painting, rearranging furniture, or creating a harmonious flow of energy. As your sign possesses a keen eye for aesthetics, follow your intuition to design a gorgeous and inviting environment that reflects your personal style.

Nurturing Connections with Female Influences

As the fourth house governs women, it's beneficial to cultivate and strengthen your relationships with female friends and relatives who provide comfort, strength, and inspiration. Seek the support of those who have always been there for you, offering guidance and solace. However, it's essential to be discerning with your social circle. Intimate one-on-one hangouts or small group gatherings will foster deeper connections compared to large group events. Alternatively, honour your need for private time and engage in activities that nurture your well-being, such as starting a morning journaling practice or exploring meditation apps to find serenity and self-discovery.


1. How long will Mars be in Virgo? Mars will remain in Virgo from July 10 to August 27.

2. What can single Taurus individuals do to enhance their dating life? 

Single Taurus individuals can explore dating apps, participate in social activities, and update their profile pictures to attract potential partners who share their interests.

3. How can couples deepen their connection during this period? 

Couples can prioritize dressing up, engaging in cultural activities, and exploring shared hobbies to nurture their relationship and reignite passion.

4. What home improvement projects are suitable during this time? 

Consider projects such as painting, rearranging furniture, and creating a harmonious environment to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

5. How can Taurus individuals benefit from nurturing connections with female influences? 

By seeking support and guidance from female friends and relatives, Taurus individuals can find comfort, strength, and inspiration in their relationships.


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