Selena Gomez Hosted the Ideal Birthday Party for Her 31st Birthday

Today, Selena Gomez, the beloved actress, and singer, turns 31! As she rings in another year around the sun, she celebrates not only her own achievements but also her status as a beauty founder, a bonafide hair icon, and above all, an all-around great human being. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Selena's birthday celebration, her iconic look, and her dedication to mental health awareness.

A Picture-Perfect Moment

On this special day, Selena Gomez shared a heartwarming photo on her social media. The snapshot captured the moment she blew out the candles on her beautifully crafted S-shaped cake. In the picture, she looked stunning, wearing a petal-pink top that perfectly matched her eyeshadow and lipstick. Additionally, she adorned herself with an elegant double-strand pearl necklace and oversized hoop earrings that complemented her entire look.

Gorgeous Curls: The Highlight of the Celebration

What made this snap truly stand out was Selena's head full of glossy curls. After experimenting with various blonde looks throughout the year, Gomez decided to return to her signature chocolate brown hair color for her birthday celebration. She styled her long tresses into perfect party-ready waves that cascaded gracefully down her back, exuding elegance and confidence.

Gratitude and Giving Back

In the caption of her post, Selena Gomez expressed her heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings in her life. She highlighted one particular cause that remains close to her heart - the Rare Impact Fund. As the founder of Rare Beauty, Selena's charity works to provide people with access to mental health services while striving to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Mental Health Advocacy

Selena's dedication to mental health awareness stems from her own struggles with bipolar disorder. In April 2020, she bravely revealed her diagnosis during an open and candid conversation with Miley Cyrus on Instagram Live. This revelation marked a turning point in her life, as she sought to educate herself and others about the condition.

Embracing the Truth

During the Instagram Live session, Selena spoke about her experience and said, "Recently, I went to one of the best mental hospitals in the world... And I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar." She further emphasized that understanding her condition brought clarity and alleviated the fear associated with it. Being knowledgeable about her diagnosis empowered her to cope and seek the necessary support.

Selena's True Passion

Throughout her journey, Selena Gomez discovered her true passion: advocating for mental health. Her efforts, along with the support of her fans and followers, have contributed significantly to raising awareness and increasing access to mental health services for young individuals. Today, she urges her well-wishers to celebrate her birthday by donating to the Rare Impact Fund, thereby making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

As Selena Gomez turns 31, she sets an inspiring example by embracing her true self, celebrating her unique style, and using her fame and platform to make a positive impact on society. Her birthday celebration not only marks the passing of another year but also serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and empathy towards those facing mental health challenges.


1. How old is Selena Gomez now? Selena Gomez is now 31 years old.

2. What did Selena wear on her birthday? Selena wore a petal-pink top, matching eyeshadow and lipstick, a double-strand pearl necklace, and oversized hoop earrings.

3. What is the Rare Impact Fund? The Rare Impact Fund is a charity founded by Selena Gomez that aims to provide access to mental health services and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

4. Has Selena Gomez been open about her mental health struggles? Yes, Selena Gomez has been open about her struggles with bipolar disorder and advocates for mental health awareness.

5. How can I contribute to the Rare Impact Fund? You can contribute to the Rare Impact Fund by donating through the Rare Beauty website or supporting mental health initiatives in your community.


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