In a new Barbie teaser- Billie Eilish gives a sneak peek of -What Was I Made For?


Barbie's highly anticipated arrival on July 21 is just around the corner, and fans are in for a treat. The latest teaser trailer reveals a side of Barbie (played by Margot Robbie) that longs for something beyond her picture-perfect Barbie land and dreamhouse. Accompanying the captivating visuals is a preview of Billie Eilish's enchanting track, "What Was I Made For?"

Eilish expressed her excitement on Instagram, proclaiming, "We crafted this song specifically for Barbie, and its significance in my life is immeasurable." As part of the film's soundtrack, Eilish believes that both the movie and her song will be life-changing. Brace yourselves for an emotional journey that might leave you shedding tears.

The tender, piano-led ballad complements the trailer's poignant moments, providing depth to what initially appears to be a joyful and vibrant world bathed in pink. Barbie is encouraged to close her eyes, take a leap of faith, and trust in the unseen. As she opens her eyes, a magical pink realm unfolds before her, and a smile graces her face as she descends from her gleaming house into a pink convertible. Later, on a moonlit beach, Ken (portrayed by Ryan Gosling) serenades her by a bonfire, and the gentle piano melody amplifies the romance in the air.

However, not everything is sunshine and roses in Barbie-land, as the teaser hints at emotional turmoil plaguing Barbie's existence. The clip showcases a distressed Barbie frantically navigating the corridors of the Mattel offices, pursued by individuals in suits. As the 30-second teaser concludes, Billie Eilish hauntingly sings the question that lingers in Barbie's mind, "What was I made for?"

This mirrors the real-life sentiments that some individuals hold towards Barbie. Gerwig emphasizes the importance of presenting a strong counterargument to Barbie's image, infusing it with intellectual and emotional depth. To their credit, Mattel embraced this approach, acknowledging the necessity of authenticity and truth. As Gerwig passionately explained, "We couldn't ignore it; we had to explore it because denying it would be a disservice. We wanted to make it real." Thankfully, it seems like Mattel understood and supported Gerwig's vision.

With the combined talent of Margot Robbie, Billie Eilish, and Greta Gerwig, the Barbie movie promises to be a remarkable cinematic experience. Audiences can expect a thought-provoking exploration of Barbie's impact on society, as well as an emotional journey that challenges preconceived notions. Be prepared for a film that will undoubtedly make waves and leave a lasting impression.



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