In an effort to save their marriage amid "issues," Dalton Gomez flew to see Ariana Grande in January.

In the world of Hollywood celebrities, relationships often become the center of attention for fans and media alike. One such highly publicized relationship was that of pop sensation Ariana Grande and real estate agent Dalton Gomez. Recently, news broke about their decision to part ways, but what many don't know is that they made a valiant effort to salvage their marriage before coming to this conclusion. In this article, we'll delve into the details of their last attempt at reconciliation and the reasons behind their ultimate separation.

A January Reunion in London

Sources revealed that Dalton Gomez flew to London in January, where Ariana Grande was busy filming Wicked. The couple had already been facing some challenges in their relationship before this trip, but they were determined to work things out. Unfortunately, their efforts didn't yield the desired results, and they eventually decided to part ways. Throughout their journey, they prioritized their friendship, aiming to remain on good terms even after their split.

The Decision to Divorce

Their separation came as a mutual decision. While they faced issues before January, they reached a point where they believed parting ways was the best course of action. Despite this difficult choice, they both wanted to preserve their bond as friends. The love and support from their close friends and family played a vital role in helping them navigate this challenging time.

The Instagram Factor

Shortly after their split, Gomez and Grande started living separate lives. Dalton Gomez even began dating again, with the singer's approval, as they continued to maintain a friendly connection. In a bid to rekindle their romance, they gave their relationship another shot in May. However, after two weeks, they realized that it wasn't meant to be.

The Incompatibility Issue

According to insiders, Gomez and Grande were genuinely committed to making their relationship work, but it became evident that they were not a perfect match for each other. Dalton, a private person by nature, handled the breakup discreetly, even among his colleagues. Their busy schedules and long-distance commitments further added strain, leaving them with no choice but to call it quits.

Moving Forward

Throughout this journey, Ariana and Dalton prioritized maintaining their friendship, and that hasn't changed even after their separation. Both of them understand the significance of having each other's support during difficult times, and they are determined to keep that bond strong.


When did Dalton Gomez visit Ariana Grande in London?

Dalton Gomez flew to London in January.

Why did Ariana and Dalton decide to divorce?

The couple faced issues that they tried to work through, but ultimately, they realized they were not compatible.

Are Ariana and Dalton still friends after the breakup?

Yes, despite their separation, they have remained close friends.

Did Dalton Gomez start dating again after the split?

Yes, he started dating again with Ariana's approval.

Did Ariana Grande post about the breakup on social media?

As of now, Ariana Grande has not made any public statements about the news.


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