All of Billie Eilish's Tattoos and meaning

Billie Eilish's Stringy Bikini Selfie Just Revealed Her Chest Tattoo for the First Time

BillieEilish, the music industry's iconic and trendsetting artist, has once again captivated her fans, but this time not just with her hauntingly beautiful voice and distinct style. In a recent Instagram photo dump by her close friend Annabel Zimmer, the world got an unexpected glimpse of Billie's most intimate and personal expression of self-love - her intricate chest tattoo. The tattoo features her last name, "Eilish," elegantly written in a black gothic font, a statement that symbolizes her pride and individuality.

A Statement of Self-Love

Billie Eilish's decision to get a sternum tattoo is an empowering statement of self-love. Known for her authenticity and openness about her personal journey, Billie has never shied away from expressing her individuality. In 2020, she initially teased her fans, saying that her chest ink would remain hidden from the world forever. However, true to her spontaneous and unapologetic nature, she has now decided to proudly display her tattoo to the world.

An Unconventional Reveal

True to her artistic and unconventional style, Billie chose a unique way to reveal her chest tattoo. Rather than making a grand announcement herself, she left it to her friend's Instagram photo dump to casually unveil the intricate artwork. Amongst a collection of typical Gen Z snapshots, the reveal photo showcased Billie donning a vibrant Miaou string bikini top in red, yellow, and green, drawing attention to her tattoo. Her nonchalant and carefree demeanor while lounging in the sun highlighted her confidence in her own skin.

The Minimalist Aesthetic

Billie's fashion choices have always been an extension of her artistic expression, and the bikini selfie was no exception. The minimalist yet stylish look perfectly complemented her unique personal style. With minimal accessories, including a stack of silver necklaces, pearl drop earrings, and black Versace sunglasses, Billie showcased her signature understated elegance. Her black hair pulled up into a messy bun added a touch of laid-back charm to the overall aesthetic.

Speaking Through Emojis

Following the photo's release, Billie playfully responded to the excitement in the post's comments section. Using just a monkey emoji covering its eyes, she humorously summed up her feelings about her tattoo's grand reveal, leaving fans amused and curious about her thoughts.

Embracing Tattoos

This is not the first time Billie has discussed her love for tattoos. In a 2021 interview with Vanity Fair, she shared details about her body art. In addition to her chest tattoo, she revealed another tattoo of a dragon on her hip, which she had disclosed on Instagram a month prior. Billie's tattoos are meaningful expressions of her identity, and they serve as a canvas for her personal journey.


Did Billie Eilish design her chest tattoo herself? Yes, the intricate design of her chest tattoo, featuring her last name "Eilish," was likely a personal creation or collaboration with a skilled tattoo artist.

Does Billie Eilish have any other tattoos? Yes, in addition to her chest tattoo, Billie has revealed a tattoo of a dragon on her hip, which holds special significance to her.

Is Billie Eilish known for her unique fashion choices? Absolutely, Billie Eilish is celebrated for her distinctive and minimalist fashion sense, which complements her artistic identity.

Did Billie Eilish always want to reveal her chest tattoo to the public? Initially, Billie had mentioned that her chest tattoo would remain hidden from the world, but she later decided to share it as an expression of self-love.

What other forms of self-expression does Billie Eilish use besides tattoos? Billie expresses herself through her music, fashion, and openness about her personal journey, which resonates deeply with her fans.


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